Club Meetings

The schedule for General and Executive Meetings for the upcoming year is as follows:

Sept 11th 2019: Annual General Meeting

Oct 1st 2019: Committee Meeting

Dec 4th 2019: General Meeting

Dec 18th 2019 : Xmas Party

Feb 4th 2020: Committee Meeting

Mar 4th 2020: General Meeting

May 5th 2020: Committee Meeting

Jun 3rd 2019: General Meeting

Aug 4th 2020: Committee Meeting

Sept 2nd 2020: Annual General Meeting

The meetings are upstairs in the hall and dinner and drinks are provided.

The meetings start at 7pm and finish by 8.30pm or before if at all possible. Agenda items and apologies can be emailed to the club secretary Chris Hollier . Minutes, agenda and financials are emailed to club members using the email address we have on the club database.

Notices of meeting dates are emailed via the Fridge Magnet (FM)  which is the club’s electronic messaging system.

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