Government Associations

Paddle WA (PWA) is the state association that represents the interests of its members to government, the public and to Australian Canoeing.  Part of your club membership is paid to Paddle WA so if you are a member of Ascot Kayak Club you are also a member of Paddle WA and Australian Canoeing.

Australian Canoeing (AC) is the recognised national body responsible for the development and promotion of canoeing in Australia.

To go to the Australian Canoeing website click here.

To go the Paddle WA website click here

To check or update your AC/PWA membership details click here you need your username and password from either PWA or AC to enter the AC membership database

Ascot Kayak Club maintains its own membership database separate to AC/PWA. For updating your information or checking details please contact the club administrator Kylie White or Club Secretary Michael Leahy

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