Tuesday Nights

Tuesday nights three training groups leave from the club (beginner, intermediate and advanced groups).


Intent: For members who are new to kayaking and training. If you have completed the introductory course this is a natural first step.

Time: 5pm-6pm Tuesday Nights

Session Expectation: This training group will include skills development and start up training – zero paddling fitness base.

Ability: Suitable for recreational paddlers or those wishing to progress to racing eventually.

Join in:

Meet to be on the water at 5pm.


Intent: General fitness and improving racing techniques

Session Expectation: It will include training for fitness and racing as well as race starts, wash hanging and some technique improvement.

Time: 5pm-6pm Tuesday Nights

Ability: If you can paddle to Barkers bridge and back (ie 11.5 km) in under an hour and a half this is the training group for you.

Join in:

Meet group at the club just before 5pm before they get on the water.

In general the group will be in close proximity to club and if you are late you should be able to paddle out to join up with them.


If you are not quite quick enough to stay with the Guns, then slot yourself into this group and build up your fitness base.

Intent: Increase your speed and endurance.

Time: 5pm-6pm Tuesday Nights

Session Expectation: Usually intervals, guaranteed to raise a sweat.

Ability: Paddle up to Barker Bridge and back in about an hour.

Join in:

On water at 5pm.

This group will generally head up stream from the club, if you a late it may be difficult to join up with this group.

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