Boat and Trailer Bookings


Club members can borrow Club boats (if they are available) for activities like club events, club social paddles and marathon races. Club boats cannot be borrowed for use in rapids and moving water unless the borrowing is part of a sanctioned club white water trip.

The duration for which the Club boats are away from the club must be kept to as short as possible. The preference is for Club boats to be picked up and returned immediately before and after the events/activities for which they are to be used. Borrowers of Club boats are expected to return the boats in as good or better condition [of cleanliness and maintenance] as when they were taken out. The expectation is that if the borrower identifies a breakage or malfunction on the borrowed boat that he/she takes responsibility for ensuring repairs are carried out.

See By-Law – Club Boat Use


The club trailer is available for club sanctioned activities. The club and members’ craft transported on the trailer are covered by club insurance. Note that the driver of the vehicle must be a club member.


If you desire a club boat for a particular occasion [for instance a K2 for a doubles event or a K4] Contact We will maintain a record of which boats have been reserved by whom.


If you desire to use the club boat trailer for a particular occasion Contact  Once approved the booking will be written onto a yearly planner kept on the wall in the garage near the trailer.

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