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Ascot Kayak Club (AKC) is Australia’s largest kayak/canoe club and has a strong focus on developing all aspects of kayaking as a sport and recreational activity in Western Australia.

We are volunteer run and provide a safe and inclusive environment where you can learn good kayaking/canoeing skills, receive coaching from experienced and qualified members, access structured training programs, compete in club and paddle sport events and gain experience and knowledge of our beautiful waterways. We’re not all about competition! We have a large contingent of recreational and social members. All are welcome at AKC


Our membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

The membership fees are pro-rated from 1 April.

All new Adult / Concession members are required to pay a once-off building amenity fee of $120.00.

All members are expected to make a volunteer contribution to the club each year

All members are affiliated to Paddle WA and Paddle Australia who provide cover for Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance. An affiliation fee is paid from your club membership fee. See member benefits HERE

Membership Fees (Membership is from 1 Oct 2023 – 30 Sept 2024)

Membership Type Eligibility PADDLE WA/AUST FEE AKC FEE Total 
Senior Adult 18 years and over $101.00 $140.00 $241.00
Junior Under 18 years $56.00 $70.00 $126.00
Adult Concession Must present an aged pension card valid in WA $101.00 $70.00 $171.00
Family A family is defined as a minimum of three family members with one or two adults 18 years and older and one to four juniors living at the same address. 30% discount 30% discount email for quote
Building Levy One-off charge per senior adult and adult concession. All adults including those in a family membership are required to pay the Building Levy. Juniors waived. $120.00 $120.00
Key fob new or replacement (includes $20 refundable bond) 18 years and over $30.00 $30.00
Key fob wristband new or replacement                  (includes $20 refundable bond) 18 years and over $40.00 $40.00

Please note: Paddle WA/Aust fees are a compulsory part of the Ascot Kayak Club fees except if you are already a member of PWA through another club then only the AKC fees apply (2nd club member).

Other Memberships

Voluntary Membership is also available for people who wish to assist with Club activities but are not an active paddler themselves, subject to approval by the Executive Committee. The club administrator will send your request for voluntary membership to the executive.

Intro Course Discount

If you join within 2 months following completion of the club Introductory Course you will be eligible for a discount. Please see the Club Administrator for more details.

Boat Storage

Applications can be made for boat storage at the Club, subject to availability & conditions apply. Please see the Club Administrator for more details. Fee $150.00 senior rack $90.00 Junior rack (no pro-rata available).

Security Key fobs

24 / 7 access is available to our facilities through the use of a Security swipe key. A deposit of $30 for a keyfob or $40 wristband is required and we need to sight your driver’s licence or other approved photo identification.

Note that before we allow you access to the Club boats we need to assess your paddling competency. Initially this is done by a simple Q&A. On water assessment may need to be undertaken with one of our senior paddling members. Successfully completing the club Introductory Course or a course approved by AKC is proof of paddling competence. See Club Boat Use BY-LAWS HERE



Step 1.

Complete a membership registration  on the Paddle Australia portal.

Register online go to

Please follow the instructions below or view the detailed guide at this link

Important: Please do not select a direct membership with Paddle Australia as your membership with Ascot Kayak Club already includes membership with Paddle Aust / Paddle WA.

1.             Go to

2.             select “sign up” at bottom of screen

3.             complete all mandatory fields & click “sign up”

4.             read & agree to terms and conditions (accept & continue)

5.             click top button “new & existing club members” (dark blue button)

6.             locate Ascot Kayak Club on club finder map and click “select club”

7.             select the appropriate membership tile

senior new member tile (red colour) – if you are 18 years and older

junior new member tile (dark green colour) – for juniors 17 years and under

associate / volunteer tile (orange colour) – non-paddling parents

family tile (green colour) – family membership minimum of three family members with maximum of two adults 18 years and older living at the same address.

8.             complete all required fields & click “finish” then “yes, proceed to cart”

9.             click “pay with card” enter details and click “pay”


Step 2.

Visit Ascot Kayak Club during club office hours so we can meet you in person. We will discuss:

  • Your paddling experience. Organise an on water assessment if required or enrol in the next available Intro Course
  • Check ID
  • Issue a key fob
  • Complete the club tour

The club tour is compulsory to explain how the club works and run through the procedures and key fob access.


Club Office Hours:

Usual Office Hours:

1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month 4 – 6 pm

2nd & 4th Saturday of each month 8 – 10 am

Except Holiday periods – office times will change.

Address: The Club is situated at the end of Fauntleroy Avenue, Garvey Park, Ascot.


For more information please contact one of the following:

Office Administrator Kylie White 0430 561 853
Secretary  Chris Hollier 0414 729 907
President Sue McDougall 0419 255 580
Boat Rack Administrator Michael Leahy 0419 047 489

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