The rules (Constitution) and By-laws have been put together and voted on by the members of the Ascot Kayak Club, to ensure that all Members can enjoy the Club and its environs in a safe and respectful way. In accepting membership of the Ascot Kayak Club you agree to comply with, observe and promote the rules and by-laws. Please take the time to make yourself familiar with the constitution and by-laws

Ascot Kayak Club Constitution  updated 2 November 2015

Constitution amendment acceptance updated 2 November 2015

Membership Subscriptions Updated September 2018

Boat rack storage conditions    Updated 18 August 2016

Club boat use    Updated 14 October 2016

Club security keys conditions of use   Updated 15 October 2013

Sponsorship and Grants  Updated 1 June 2016

Life Membership Nomination   Updated 15 October 2013

The following links are relevant to all club members. When joining as a member with Ascot Kayak Club, you agree to be bound by these policies.

Please read through the policies at the following links:

Governance Policies

Health and Wellbeing Policies

All Policies & By-Laws

Paddle Australia – Policies and Bylaws

Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy

Code of Behaviour – Paddle-Australia-Personnel

Code of Behaviour – Ascot Kayak Club endorse and approve this Paddle Australia’s Looking After Our Kids Code of Behaviour  Click here to view Ascot Kayak Club signed copy


All new members present at the club office during office hours and must undertake a club induction/security key instruction. There is no online process for new members. We want to meet and greet every new member in person. For membership enquiries contact Kylie White at
New member information on this website Please read before applying.




Racks for member craft storage are highly sort after and very rarely become available. Each membership renewal time a small amount become available. There is no pro-rata fee on racks it is a full year payment no matter when your rack becomes available. They are allocated once a year at membership renewal time. Application are submitted to the club administrator and allocated by the Boat Rack Administrator.  The relevant by-law is Boat Rack Storage Conditions. please read before applying




A member may be nominated for Life membership by a member at any time. A member cannot nominate themselves for membership and nominations must be seconded by another member. Members with voting rights are eligible and must have at least a continuous membership of 10 years. the relevant by-law is Life Membership Nominations

Life Membership Nomination Form

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